Monday, June 16, 2008

The week that was June 7 - June 15

CIS 15AG - Lab 7 kicked my butt. I still don't know how to read an entire word from a file using fscanf. Didn't get enough sleep last week but felt good that I atleast tried.

McCain bashing
He says on video: I dont use computers, I have to go to my wife for everything Internet. SERIOUSLY!!!

Home Improv. Project: Veggie Patch (pics coming up)
We finally finished mixing the soil and compost, the veggies are thriving in the soil. I have tomatoes, peppers, melon and zucchini now. Looking forward to putting in eggplant, okra, dodka, onion, raddish :). Oscar planted the Provence Lavender in the front yard, it has made the walkway pop with color. I still need a couple of bright pink and blue flowering gems.
And the delicious Chocolate Cosmos is in my garden now - Yamagami's rules.
3 houses down ours is a Magnolia tree that has flowers so low that I could smell 3 of them.
Dear blog, if I were ever to create a perfume, I would choose Magnolia fragrance- hands down. Smitten by its lemony, sweet and arresting smell.

Sunday Farmer's Market
Good discovery! All vendors had loads of cherries, stone fruits and tomatoes. So much for tomato salmonella. People were even sampling raw tomatoes - I mean hello, do you read your news.
I bought the freshest eggplant and sinqua. Cooked for 3 hours straight after I came back.

Googoo in the meanwhile worked on the kitchen floor. Love you sweetie, for all the wonderful things you do.

Sunday Evening Hike at Rancho
So refreshing. Will go there more, it was quite under rated on my list of trails, no more. Saw a ton of quails and bunny rabbits. Legs are hurting today, wish it was a friday already.

Ah, monday thou punisheth !!!

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