Thursday, July 17, 2008

Living Oprah

So, there's this lady in Chicago, calls herself 'LO' - Living Oprah, who is following every suggestion and every advice Oprah gives on her show. The operative word being 'every'. From the books, to the jeans, to the perfumes to the diet. Now if you have ever seen Oprah, you will know how exhausting this can be. I salivate when I lay my eyes on her magazine. Pretty much every page is laden with stuff she recommends. Obviously, if you go all out and buy everything she is suggesting, you must be out of your mind.

This story reminds me of Morgan Spurlock, of Supersize Me. The guy ate at McDonald's everyday for every meal for a month. And then he documents how his health plummeted because of all the artery clogging food he was shoving down his throat. That drives home the point quite forcefully, yet I doubt there are people who didn't know this already. Perhaps, those who didn't know now and can eat at home for a change. I still feel he overdid it.

Back to 'LO' : she claims that she is going to do this for a year and record her experience on her blog -
I am quite skeptical she is going to be happy at the end of this year. Coz of all the money she is spending to get the fancy stuff. Plus where is she going to keep that stuff. I am troubled by the mere thought of it.

I am a huge Oprah fan, but I know that when she says, "... that Chanel handbag is a must-have this fall", she's not talking to me. Although when she recommends, "... have real plants and flowers indoors, not plastic, those are tacky". Hell yeah, she is talking to me!

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