Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm so predictably "Amiable"

At an Interpersonal Effectiveness workshop I attended at work, we were given a Self-Perception Questionnaire. 30 MCQs, 60 Yes/No type answers. Turns out the results were almost accurate, in the sense that very few people at the workshop challenged the Social Style they were attributed as a result of the answers they chose.

These were the 4 Social Styles, developed by Industrial Psychologist David W. Merrill, and although these are not watertight compartments, you would definitely lean more towards one of them.

1) Driving Style : "Let's get it done, now."
Faster paced
Make efforts to set the pace
Less concerned for the value in relationships
Tend to direct the actions of others whether or not they are the leader
Tend to avoid inaction

2) Expressive Style : "I have an idea and its going to be great!"
Faster paced
Make efforts to get involved
Show less concern for routine
Work in the future timeframe
Tend to act impulsively
Tend to avoid isolation

3) Amiable Style: "One for all and all for one."
Slower paced
Make efforts to relate
Show less concern for affecting change
Work in the present timeframe
Show supportive action
Tend to avoid conflict

4) Analytical Style
Slower paced
Make efforts to organize
Show less concern for relationships
Work in a historical timeframe
Take action cautiously
Tend to avoid personal involvement

The takeaway of this workshop was: Even though you are at your best when in your comfort zone, you soar when you make an effort to break out of that zone. I don't know about other Amiables, but if I am to break out of my zone, Expressive is *definitely not* where I'm heading.

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