Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2010's buzzword for me: Travel

I know, I am 18 days late. But it's still January y'all!

If there was one word that could sum up the entire 2010 for me, it would be: wanderlust. And I am happy that this is just the beginning of the wanderlust, and 2011 already seem like a promising year, new destinations to choose and explore.

Earlier in 2010, we did a lot of local tours and trips around the Bay Area with my parents in law. We are just so lucky that we live in the Bay Area. There is a destination just an hour or two away in every direction.

Mid June 2010, we had this ah-mazing trip to West Sikkim, India. Lush green mountains, serene monasteries, gushing rivers, and roaring waterfalls. It sounds like Yosemite, doesn't it :=) Well, it was very similar to Yosemite, sans the monasteries, of course. We were astounded by the beauty this place had to offer. And to be able to enjoy this with the entire family, was just a cherry on top. There is something for everyone here: infinite green landscape for the quiet nature lover, marked trails on mountains for the avid hiker, divine snow-clad mountain ranges (Kanchenjunga range in the Himalayas) for the photographer, and serene monasteries for the solace seeker. Highly recommend this place, and happy to share tips and itinerary for those interested.

November 2010 saw us embarking on our South America trip to Machu Picchu (MP), Peru and Iguassu Falls, Argentina. I have yearned to see these 2 places. I started planning this trip in Nov, 2009 when one of our friends took a tour to MP. We booked the tickets early (got an awesome airfare deal) and planned everything ourselves (much cheaper to do this). It is an out of body experience to be at the MP mountain overlooking the MP city. Incredible views, amazing architecture, surreal landscape. Iguassu Falls is a waterfall haven. There is literally a waterfall everywhere your eye can see. I am eager to go back to South America. Loved the food, the people, the charming architecture, and the jaw dropping natural beauty.

These two trips attest to one thing, I am *very happy* when I am traveling. I don't stress out, I relax, and I let go. Stress these days is coming from this: We are at an age where we should be trying to have a baby, or should already have had a couple of them (this one needs a separate longer post, trust me!). I don't know what life will be like when I grow older, but I am certain that if I am physically fit, I will still be traveling, hiking, tasting odd fruits, and choosing destinations to explore. And hopefully, not stressing out, not too much at least!

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  1. Loved the post. And don't stress about having/non having kids. Having a baby because everyone around you is having one, is not good enough reason.Have a kid, only if/when you two really want one. And you are anyways Shreyas's beloved Snehal Maushi!

    Chal, Will talk to you tomorrow.