Friday, April 22, 2011

The "Zero Waste Home"

Happy Earth Day earthlings!

This post is not about checklists of what I should be doing or what I already do to be a *greener* person. Seriously, we all should know pretty much everything about what we should be doing or should be doing more of to leave a smaller carbon footprint. This post is about celebrating the initiative of Bea from Zero Waste Home.

Bea, I bow to thee!

She has managed to achieve what I have been only aspiring to attain, she has achieved the goal of living a "zero waste" lifestyle. And no, she is not a hippie, single woman, living in a tree. Although, that would be pretty cool.

She is just another person, with a husband, 2 kids, and a job. She is gaining the much needed publicity she deserves, not without some negative reactions though. You will either walk away from her blog feeling empowered to change your lifestyle. Or you will walk away feeling sorry for Bea that she is suffering from an OCD. I hope you will end up in the 1st bucket.

There is no need to go to extremes. Do what you can, one plastic bag at a time!
And repeat Bea's anthem after me:
Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

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