Friday, February 13, 2009

for the linguaphile in you

I was intrigued by this guy on 'The World' on NPR this afternoon:

"Keith Brooks is a man who loves languages but he is still looking for that perfect one to really commit to. So he's trying out a new tongue every week and he is blogging about his experience. His blog is called 37 languages."

Happy reading!

I finished 'Sea of Poppies' yesterday night, luhuved that one. I actually thought that one was better than The White Tiger. Everything about Sea is intricate, it's language, it's story, its characters. I am contemplating buying a copy, for I know I am going to miss Serang Ali's lines.

Minor correction to the last post: turns out ESPN 360 streams most of the live action in sports. Go Rafa, no?

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