Monday, January 26, 2009

Channel [ N one ]

January 2009 marks two anniversaries for us:
i) a year in our house
ii) a year of no TV
The 2nd one was not an intentional decision, we were not trying to prove anything, we were not trying to save us some monies, but it appears that we did both. And ofcourse, I don't mean to pontificate, but no TV is not as bad as it sounds.
Although, we caught most of the live political footage online or on NPR, we are considering getting paid subscriptions to watch live sports.That, I would say, was what we really missed last year. And every now and then, we feel like it might be worthwhile to get TV, for Maher is not online, but as long as Stewart and Colbert spread the cheer around, we are fine.

I also realized, missing the SAG or Golden Globes is not a big deal after all (it used to be for me). But I will make sure to catch the Oscars chez some friends. It's not every year that a Rahman is nominated :)
Go watch Slumdog, if you haven't already that is!

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