Tuesday, December 16, 2008

All in a day's work

Dear Blog,
While you were hibernating,
- 52% Americans realized the Republicans are taking the country to the dump and voted for change.
- they also voted Yes on 8 citing lame (religious) reasoning. The jarring note here is that the Yes campaign was funded largely by Mormons.
- the $700 billion bail-out farce drama unfolded, and
-terror struck again at India's most vivacious city, Mumbai on 26th Nov, 08. The poor security infrastructure and ignorance of politicians was exposed along with the media's base coverage focusing on sensational rather than factual.
A friend who was in Mumbai during the attacks sums it up: Mumbai is back to normal, people have gotten used to this and that is part of the problem.

Ok, moving on to the blahs of blogging, I have been stalking Katheats lately, and wow that girl has some determination. Inspired by her gazillion variations of Oatmeal, I came up with my own twist. Well, sort of, I vaguely remember reading about this somewhere: Oatmeal Upma.

That was our Sunday breakfast, very filling and tasty. After that I cooked for 3 hours to stock up for the rest of the week's meals: Blackeye bean curry (chawli usal), brussel sprouts daal, split pea and barley soup (so easy to make and so delicious), and brown basmati :D

While I was warm near the kitchen stove (its been friggin cold lately, today it was 39 F, which is 4 Celsius and raining, brrrr), gini was in the Arctic garage crafting our kitchen island:

I am super excited about the island, will post pictures when it's ready.
Oh and I highly recommend The White Tiger, the man writes effortlessly and the story comes alive instantly. I am currently hooked on to Soul of a Chef , a vivid culinary journey.

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