Friday, September 11, 2009

Notes to myself

Blog, you stood abandoned for a while. These notes need to be with me, so I return to thee.

I absolutely have to link Obama's Back to School Speech. I didn't watch it live, but reading it makes me want to go back to school and start over :)

Napa is gorgeous in late summer, early fall. The vineyards are laden with grapes and the winery tours let you taste the grapes :) 90% of America's wine comes from California, out which Napa accounts for only 5% (what!!). The grapes were soooo delish!

What areas to visit for what wines:
Calistoga: Zinfandel and Syrah (Do not see the Geyser here, it's blah!)
St. Helena/Oakville: Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir
Carneros area : Chardonnay (Chandon winery), Merlot (!?)

And si, take the wine tasting tour later in the day and make reservations when visiting on a busy weekend (hic!)

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