Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Doing the Right Thing!

Ok, let's not even start about how bad I am at keeping this blog thing up to date.

Our part of the world has been soaking in sunshine for the past week or so, and I couldn't let all those sunshine $$s go to waste. So here's a picture of ging and me doing the right thing:

The bedsheets were bonedry within minutes. And look at how green the lawn looks:

It was fun drying them, just like we do back home.
I'm so eager Spring is around the corner, looks like it will be very promising. Here are some early bloomers charming us:

I'm going to have to be courageous and try some exotic bulbs this fall. The tulips around our neighborhood are so charming. No offense to the daffodil in the above picture, but the tulip trumps it any day.

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