Monday, October 29, 2012

America's Test Kitchen

Are you a fan of Food Network shows? Yes? Good, read on. No? Even better, read on.

One of the few instructional cooking shows that sticks to the basics without the frills of fancy ingredients and even fancier studio sets is the PBS classic, America's Test Kitchen. As you may (or may not) know, we don't subscribe to cable TV. We have an HD antenna that catches all the free channels, and we have been very happy with the selection. Thanks to KQED-Life, I even get a daily fix of cooking shows. And one of them is America's Test Kitchen.

I recently came across this stark interview on NYT with Christopher Kimball, editor of Cooks Illustrated and host of America's Test Kitchen. The interview showcases Kimball's no-nonsense views on cooking. Here's a snippet:
The interview was one of those times when it became clear that Kimball’s obsession isn’t cooking, or even food per se, but their social context and potency as metaphors. He may be the sole person associated with food journalism to remark, “There’s something about pleasure I find annoying."
Link to the full interview is here. It is long, but totally worth a read.

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