Friday, November 16, 2012

The "other" woman

It is obvious what this post is about. While the media is abuzz talking about the great fall of Gen. Petreaus, and the ordeal on whether or not he will testify, Paula Broadwell has gone into hiding.

Personally, I feel that fidelity is a core value and by resigning from his post Petreaus did the right thing. Gini and I had a short argument on this yesterday. He feels that what one does in their personal life is not a testament of their professional life. How else was Bill Clinton allowed to continue for his 2nd term? I cannot disagree that I find Bill Clinton very persuasive and charming in his arguments whenever I hear him speak. And that time has been kind on him and several other celebrities and politicians who have cheated on their wives. The argument can hardly be won by saying that certain political posts are more vulnerable than others. As we witness the political circus that unfolds in front of our eyes, Paula Broadwell's character and career will continue to be questioned.

Here are 2 fine pieces of journalism from the NYT discussing what I have outlined above:

The Conversation by Gail Collins and David Brooks

The Siren and the Spook by Frank Bruni

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